Fostering Citizenship and Social Inclusion
for Mental Health Service Users
A Two-Day Workshop

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Our work is informed by the journey that many mental health and addiction workers have undertaken – from institutionalisation to the post-institutionalisation era and recovery – to the 3rd and final phase of de-institutionalisation and the restoration of the citizenship status of the people we serve. Our qualitative research explores the notion of a citizenship framework to underpin a rights-based, inclusive mental health and addiction service. A recent qualitative study has been completed by Dr Helen Hamer through her honorary position in the Department of Psychiatry, Program for Recovery and Community Health, Yale University, USA.

RESULTS support the hypothesis that mental health workers currently undertake inclusionary practices that promote the rights and personal agency of the people in their care. Therefore, the overall aim of the 2-day workshop supports participants to reflect, identify and promote actions that foster social inclusion and reduce stigma and discrimination. The strength of the consumer-clinician alliance modelled by the facilitators combines the evidence from clinical practice, research and the value of the lived experience.

The 2-day workshop covers the following areas

  • Re-thinking recovery – Re-visiting the inherent values
  • Balancing safe practice with a rights-based approach to care
  • Autonomy versus restrictive practice
  • Professionally indicated risk taking
  • Raising awareness of inclusionary practices
  • Fostering inclusion – Finding the ‘Champions’
  • Celebrating successes and promoting ‘acts’ of citizenship
  • Growing a citizenship framework

The main themes above are introduced to participants using theory, interactive exercises and reflection.

The skills of the facilitators create a learning environment that brings to life the values that underpin practice to place people at the centre of their care.

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